Children of Our Savior Preschool has been commissioned by Our Savior Lutheran Church to serve the local community by providing a Christian Environment where children and their families can come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior growing in faith and service to God and mankind.

• A YEAR ROUND PROGRAM open 5 days a week from
7AM to 6PM. Full and half day preschool, plus before
and after school care are avaliable for children aged
2 - 6 1/2.
• AN EXTENDED DAY PROGRAM is a continuation of
our morning program. It is designed for the active child
with games, crafts, cooking, and other fun, yet learning,
oriented activities.
PROGRAM that is designed to meet the needs of young
children, which for some, may be their first group
experience outside of the home. The program is also a
balance between active and quiet experiences in a
group setting.
• PLAY OR WORK? For the young child, play is work at
hand. Creative play experiences provide the readiness
for late cognitive learning. Motor skills are developed
which will lead to the skills necessary for reading and

• A variety of creative play experiences (role play and
dramatic play).
• Activities that provide the opportunities to experiment
as well as create.
• Musical activities provide expression through songs,
rhythms and movement.
• Chapel which provides an opportunity to share basic
Christian beliefs.














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